Judicial Services Package – ₹ 5,000

It includes –

  • Book 1 – for Minor Acts
  • Book 2 – for Major Acts
  • Book 3 – Bit Bank for Prelims & Previous and Model Papers for Mains
  • Guidance with comprehensive Schedule of preparation
  • Online access to all the material
  • Online Tests (MCQs)
  • Online updates and access to case laws for reference

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Features of Judicial Services Package

The books include “Study Material”, “Previous Papers” and “Model Tests”.

The Study Material is compiled to be precise, specific, examination-oriented and self-explanatory, citing important case laws wherever necessary. All the topics are compiled in such a manner that each topic can be written as an answer for an 8 marks questions or a 4 marks question or a 2 marks question. The study material is prepared in such a way that one can answer an 8 marks question in 16 minutes (450 words), a 4 marks question in 8 minutes (250 words) and a 2 marks question in 4 minutes (100 words). This does not mean that our material is a sort of “Question Bank”. We present each topic vividly so that one can grasp the “Principle(s) of Law” involved and at the same time write an adequate answer based on the marks allotted for that question. A conventional question bank lacks this feature and only proposes a “model answer” to a hypothetical question, completely devoiding the reader of any conceptual understanding of the subject.

The second component is “Previous Papers”, which is provided to give a basic idea about the pattern of questions asked in the Main examination.

The third component, “Model Tests”, can be used by the members to self-evaluate their preparedness for the Main exam. If they can answer these Model Tests and send us their answer scripts by courier/post, we will evaluate their answer scripts and let them know how they did along with suggesting any modifications if necessary.

Online features include three components, namely, “Study Material”, “Tests (MCQs)” and “Model Papers (Grand Tests)”.

Study Material is compiled “point-wise” with orientation on objective type of questions. The depth to which each topic is discussed is determined by the pattern of questions asked in the previous year’s Prelims Question Papers. Unnecessary factual information which is not usually asked in the examination is avoided and due priority is given to areas of the subject which are conceptually significant. The full text of the case laws is also provided in the website for further reference (updated in the website regularly). An important feature of the online study material (provided in the website) is the provision of “Glossary” of important terms so that the material can be self-explanatory.

The second component, Tests (MCQs), covers the most important objective type of questions arranged subject-wise. All the questions asked in the previous years are included in the Tests.

Members can also make use of the third component, “Grand Tests”, to self-evaluate their progress, both subject-wise and as a whole.